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International Convention of Psychological Science

Attendees from more than 75 countries joined colleagues for the first-of-its-kind ICPS. Coverage of the Integrative Science Symposia, workshops, and other great events will appear in the May/June APS Observer. ICPS Highlights

About ICPS

The Association for Psychological Science and the members of the Initiative for Integrative Psychological Science invite the international community of psychological scientists and related disciplines to a major new event: The International Convention of Psychological Science. (Learn about the Initiative for Integrative Psychological Science here.)

ICPS is the culmination of efforts by APS and an international network of organizations and individual scientists to stimulate scientific advances that are integrative; that is, in which investigators attack scientific problems by drawing broadly on research conducted at multiple levels of analysis and in multiple branches of psychological science, the cognitive sciences, the neurosciences, and other related disciplines. The initiative has been designed, in essence, to surmount artificial disciplinary boundaries that can impede scientific progress and to highlight areas of investigation in which those boundaries have already been overcome.

The historic Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam,
site of the ICPS in March 2015

These efforts respond to developments in our rapidly changing field. Increasingly, challenges in psychological science can only be met by boundary-spanning investigations that address a phenomenon with diverse methods and at multiple levels of analysis. Such efforts require collaboration across academic disciplines and geographic boundaries. Seizing these opportunities requires a global effort and the involvement of the full range of disciplines, from those that study societies and cultures to those that investigate genetics and neural mechanisms.


Three features make ICPS unique:

Integrative Science Symposia: Solutions to our most pressing scientific questions come from cross-cutting efforts in which investigators deploy diverse research methods and attack problems at multiple levels of analysis. ICPS will showcase these efforts in thematic Integrative Science Symposia featuring leading investigators from not only psychological science, but also neuroscience, genetics, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, and related fields.

Skill-Building Workshops: At a scientific convention, you not only can learn about others’ novel research findings, but you also can learn how to execute the cutting-edge research methods that produced them. At ICPS, Cutting-Edge Methodological Workshops will provide scientific skill-building opportunities for all conference attendees.

International Scope: ICPS is the first-of-its-kind international conference dedicated to scientific advances in all areas of psychology and related disciplines. Share ideas with colleagues from around the globe at this must-attend international gathering of the psychological science community.

In addition to the invited programs, scholars will present their work in submitted symposia and posters on topics across all areas of psychological science and related disciplines.


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